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Title: Trademark Registration in Japan
Brief Introduction

Following a revision of the Trademark Law in 1992, Japan's trademark system has been operated under the same international classification system as other countries; there are 45 classes of goods and services, as well as those for goods and services unique to Japan. Applications can be made for individual classes or in several classes at once (known as "multiple-class" applications). Naturally, applying for and being granted registration of a trademark incurs fees. The fees for this process in Japan are as follows.

Application fees

One trademark in one class: 21,000 yen.

One trademark in multiple classes: 21,000 yen for the first class, and an extra 15,000 yen for each additional class.

Note that the above amounts are official fees only, and do not include patent attorney's fees, etc.

 Registration fees

When filing an application, fees differ according to whether the application is for a single class or multiple classes. Registration fees, on the other hand, are 66,000 yen per trademark per class regardless of the type of application. Remember that, if you engaged a patent attorney, you will be charged fees in addition to the above registration fees; these may include fees for the work involved in paying the official fees.

From application to registration

If the examination process goes smoothly, a trademark can be registered in as little as three months from the time of filing the application. Generally, however, the examination takes approximately six months, and the registration takes another one or two months. Allow about eight months after application to complete the process.



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