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*        Haitao Zhang

 Mr. Zhang is one of the founding partners of PFS. He has been working in the field of Intellectual Property acquisition and protection in a big firm for almost 10 years before he built this company. He is the IP consultant of many companies and has gained rich experience in the settlement of complex trademark infringement cases as well as the acquisition and the license process of the patent. Furthermore, he kept in improving his professional knowledge by advanced training periodically.


1994-1998        Capital University of Economics and Business, BA

                        Major: Administration of Industry and Commerce

2000-2004        Sun Yat-sen University

 Major: Civil Law

Working experience:

19982000      Beijing Trademark & Patent Agency 

Trademark Agent

20002004      Beijing Trademark & Patent Agency, Guangzhou Branch

Trademark Agent & Deputy Director, in charge of the acquisition and protection of the trademark, and the infringement cases.

2004              Sponsor PFS           Partner

Working Languages:   Mandarin, English and Cantonese


 * April Woo

Ms. Woo is one of the founding partners of PRFC. She has worked for three different companies and gained a wide range of knowledge and experience of different industries. She is energetic and good at learning and communication. She can give her customers professional advises from a comprehensive point of view


1995-1999        Sun Yat-sen University

Major: International Trade, BA

2000-2004        Sun Yat-sen University

Major: Civil Law

Working experience:

1999-2002        Ningxia University


2002-2003        Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China, Gongdong

Deputy Executive Officer

2003-2004        Country Garden Real Estates Develop Company

                       Marketing Specialist

2004.8             Sponsor PRFC


Working Languages:    Mandarin, English and Cantonese


*        Helen Zhang

Ms Zhang is one of the founding partners of PRFC. She has worked in the Industry and Commerce consultant firm for a long time, and set up good relationship with customers from all kinds of industry fields. And now she is the IP consultant of many companies. She is very familiar with the industry and commerce administration organizations of Beijing.


1994-1998            Capital Normal University      

    Major:  Education, BA

Working experience:

1998-2000             Beijing Tianchen Consulting Company


2000-2004             Beijing Zetong Accountant's Office


2004.8                  Sponsor PRFC


Working Language: Mandarin and English

*        Renee   Hu

Ms. Hu has worked in several Management and Consultant Companies in Guangzhou and she is very familiar with the administrative form of the companies of different sizes. With the strong basic of Law knowledge, she keeps in studying the new phenomenon and trend in the IP field, and has her own opinion of the protection of the IP right.


1996-2000        Sun Yat-sen University    

Major:  Economic Management, BA

2002-2005        Sun Yat-sen University

  Major:    Constitution and Administration Law, MA

Working experience:

2000-2002        GEC program.


2002-2003        Winwhole Consultant Limited Company

  Senior Consultant

2004.8              PRFC, Consultant of IP Cases

Working Languages: Mandarin, English and Cantonese




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