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Title: Required Documents for filling a Patent Application

A. Instruction letter indicating:

a. Title of the invention/utility model/design

b. Type of patent application

c. Name, address, and nationality of applicant and inventor

d. Priority application date, number and country if claiming priority

e. Requesting simultaneously for substantive examination or not;

f. The applicants¡¯ name and address in Chinese 

B. Power of Attorney

C. Application Documents including:

    a. Invention or Utility Model: description, claims, drawings (if any) and abstract.

    b. Design: three sets of drawings/photos of the products. The drawings/photos should be from 3cm x 8cm to 15cm x 22cm and with no shade lines and/or dotted lines.

    If seeking protection for the shape of a product, drawings/photos of six elevation views and one perspective (if any) view are required

    If seeking protection for pattern, unfolded and perspective drawings shall be provided;

    If claiming colors, three colored sets of the drawings/photos should be provided;

    If there is some special comment, a brief specification is required.



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