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Title: Brief Introduction to the Application Procedure for Other Works


A. Necessary documents:

(1) Application form;

(2) Certificate of the applicant

     For legal persons from Taiwan --the business license authenticated by the local court;

     For legal persons from Hong Kong and Macao !the business license authenticated by local law firms which is entrusted by PCR¨s Ministry of Justice;

     For corporations of foreign nationality !the business license authenticated by the embassy of PCR.

(3) Guarantee of the copyright (should be notarized and authenticated );

(4) An introduction to the subject work

(5) A sample of the subject work (including the copy of the covering page, the page on which announces the copyright, part of the script, the picture and a sample of the work);

B. Other documents in certain cases that:

(1) The application was entrusted!the power of attorney;

(2) The certificate of the power of relevant signature;

(3) Documents proving the ownership in the copyright (a complete translation should be attached if the documents are written in foreign language);

C. The Copyright Office will accept the case after the above-mentioned  documents are properly filed and the relevant fees are paid. Meanwhile, a written notice would be sent to the applicant.

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